What Doctors Say?

What do doctors say about the water Nordic?

Almost all people suffer from an increased acidification of the organism. Many people have a very low pH value, which means that the body is hyperacidified. An extreme acidity of the organism opens the way for many diseases including cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity and other lifestyle diseases. Acidification of the body is also responsible for decalcification of bones, disruption of the intestinal wall and excessive cell death. The pH of the human body is usually in the range of 7.20 to 7.40. The lower the pH level is, the more acid the organism becomes, and on the contrary a higher pH creates an alkaline environment.

NORDIC Glacial Water

It relieves stress, energizes and revitalizes the body It strengthens the immune system and oxygenates the body It regulates the level of blood sugar and positively affects the liver Reducing of the sodium intake supports the maintenance of a normal blood pressure. It destroys free radicals in the body and regulates the uric acid in the blood, which causes the disease called "GOUT" It neutralizes acid waste products accumulated in the body It immediately eliminates heartburn – water brash It cleans the intestine walls and cleanses the digestive tract and thereby eliminates bloating or a frequent diarrhea It stops and destroys the yeast causing disease called Candidiasis and a variety of bacteria and fungi It adjusts the acidic environment and thus stops diseases caused by fungi It minimizes the risk and prevents the development of tumours It prevents hyperacidity of the organism and civilisational diseases It leads to improvements in diseases of an allergic origin, such as asthma, hay fever, atopic dermatitis, neurodermatitis, urticaria It is a powerful antioxidant, like vitamins A, E, C and selenium - without the side effects It prevents and suspends the aging process

The disease called GOUT

Description of gout

This disease is a type of joint inflammation (arthritis) affecting approximately 15% of the population. It is a metabolic disease caused by excessive concentrations of uric acid, which affects men over 40 years twenty times more often and usually earlier than women.

The cause and risk factors of gout

It is a metabolic disease that results from the lack of a digestive enzyme called uricase, which oxidizes uric acid. The organism is not able to sufficiently degrade purines, which causes an excessive formation of uric acid. Without dissolution or conversion of the acid into a soluble substance, uric acid can not be expelled from the body. High levels of uric acid in the blood cause the crystallization of this substance in the joints, where their sharp tips get stuck in the joints. The most commonly affected joints are small joints of the upper and lower extremities. The shoulder joint or earlobe can be affected as well. Crystals can both cause mechanical difficulties and affect white blood cells, which results in an inflammation. This inflammation then occurs in the form of a very painful gout attack.

The risk factors include an excessive consumption of meat, alcohol, bad drinking habits, long-term use of diuretics, obesity and lack of exercise. Genetic predispositions can also lead to the occurrence of gout.

The disease called Candidiasis

Description of candidiasis 

yeast infection

Candida are unicellular fungi, which have become a normal part of the microflora of the skin and mucous membranes of the human species.

Their coexistence with humans is an example of commensalism - a relationship where the coexistence is beneficial for one and does not impact much the other. An incredible variety of good and bad bacteria live in our intestines. Everything is allright, if this intestinal microflora is in a good balance. If the balance is disrupted, Candida has a bad impact on the physical and mental health.

Candida fungus is a normal part of the microflora and it is not dangerous for the organism, unless it becomes overabundant for some reason. In such case the coexistence turns into parasitism, which is a relatinship that no one really wants of course.

The causes of the outbreak of this fungus:

We can easily create a perfect triple combination of requirements for the overabundance of Candida:

- Food based mainly on carbohydrates.

- The use of antibiotics, which leads to destruction of the so-called guards (for us the good bacteria) that prevent an overgrowth of Candida

- An intake of large amounts of sugar, which is the ideal food for Candida.

Headache, joint pain, allergies, chronic inflammation, fatigue, depression, impaired concentration, confusion, insomnia, nerve pain are all manifestations, where the problem of candidiasis is often forgotten, when we are searching for a diagnosis.

Heartburn – water brash

Description of heartburn

Heartburn is a special kind of pain felt like a burning sensation and pressure behind the lower part of the sternum. It is caused by the irritated esophagus, when stomach acids leaks backwards to the esophagus. Stomach acids occassionally leaks into the esophagus of almost all people for the short term, and we can talk about the gastroesophageal reflux disease only if this is too frequent and leads to difficulties. Gastroesophageal reflux disease causes various problems from nocturnal cough to asthma attacks or snoring.

Sometimes, the stomach acid gets as far as into the mouth, and here we are talking about regurgitation, which is dangerous especially during a deep sleep, when the gastric acid can leak into the airways and irreversibly corrode the lungs.