pH Balance

As well as to be the value of 36.9 ° C maintained body temperature, blood pH should be constantly at the value 7,365 - physiological pH is very slightly alkaline. To maintain normal body pH is doing everything possible, often at the cost of the damage done to other tissues and organs. The pH of the internal environment of the body affects all of its cells. Alkaline environment is a prerequisite for all metabolic processes.

Chronic loading acydifing substances damaging to the body tissue, and if it takes absolutely unlimited, disrupting cellular activities and functions, which will show all sorts - from cardiac rhythm disturbances to the transmission of nerve impulses in the brain. In other words acydifing interferes with life itself and is the basis of all diseases.

General effects of acidification if the organism is constantly forced to fight and extremely prone to acidification, and there is in him an overgrowth of harmful microforms, it is also loaded with all sorts of destructive processes.

If we make a thorough examination, we find that both these problems are the basis for almost everything that bothers us as allergies, fatigue, mood disorders and neurological conditions, yeast (Candida) and molds, excess pounds. Normalize the pH balance ( strengthen defenses and function of vital organs and enable the body to resist various diseases separately) can be made with drinking water with a high pH value.