Nordic Glacial Water

NORDIC Glacial Water has been preserved and untouched throughout a millennia. Not until now could you access this vast resource of rejuvenation and hydration. The source of NORDIC Glacial Water, the purest source in the world, is found deep inside the Arctic Circle glacier cap in the Ísafjardarbaer region and holds more untouched ice than any other source outside Antarctica.

This vast untouched source of fresh water has been safeguarded from pollution and elements created by humans giving it a clean fresh taste but more importantly its special composition of a 8.8 pH level. Some bottled drinking waters are unhealthy because of its high acidity, oxidizing effects, high mineralization- Nordic Glacial Water due where it comes from and how it is packaged protects you from such minerals and elements. The slightest change on the acid/alkaline scale can have disastrous results on your body. By drinking NORDIC Glacial Water with a pH level of 8.8 you help your body maintain a healthy pH level and thus reducing acidity in your body and restoring its natural healthy balance.