Health Benefits of Nordic Glacial Water

Did you know people in Iceland live 30% longer on average?

One of the reasons they live longer is due to the fact that they drink the highest quality of water in the world. Your body is made up to 75% of water and it is the most important thing humans consume. We at Nordic Water want you to have the same benefits as the people of Iceland. NORDIC Water comes from the frozen glaciers of Iceland, nature’s best source of natural water. This source of water, frozen for thousands of years, is unusually low in harmful minerals at just 55 mg/l and has very high natural oxygen content 9,4 mg/l and an amazing ph Level of 8,8.

What a big difference if you use tap water which contains everything, including the famous Antibiotics, Contraceptives, and Arsenin that often find its way into tap and bottled water. This tap water is recycled and using it may be harmful to your health. There exist only 3 municipal water purifiers in the world that know how these components in the water can be removed they are so expensive that no one municipality can buy it.
NORDIC Water’s mineral, natural oxygen, and ph levels are exceptionally better and are what sets NORDIC apart from tap water and other bottled water producers on the market.

NORDIC Glacial Water comes from icebergs which have been frozen for over 1.000 years when the Earth was free of human pollution and thus has a different molecular structure than any other water on the market. NORDIC can be absorbed into your body within 5-6 minutes cleaning your bloodstream.

NORDIC Glacial Water helps clean your organs, including the liver and kidneys from possible kidney infections, gallstones, and sludge stored in the joints, especially in the elderly. This cleansing by drinking Nordic Water helps to clean the sludge accumulations in the body gathered by long-term eating of junk food.
NORDIC Glacial Water has high ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential). Your body must process this water like normal food for 30-40 minutes. With Nordic Glacial Water your cells don't have to use energy to clean the water in your system and can be used to clean other more important parts of your body.

This means if the level of ORP in the water we drink is equal to the level of ORP of our cells - the body doesn't have to use energy to clean the water and can use the energy for the bloodstream very quickly in 5-6 minutes. You can see the difference by yourself if you drink water after exercise.... if you drink 0,2 liters water and in 2 minutes and 4 again another 0,2 Liters of water, you are still thirsty after 10-15-20 minutes. After you drink NORDIC Glacial Water you will not be thirsty again! You can see the difference by yourself if you drink water after exercise.... when using NORDIC Glacial Water you can drink less water and get more hydration than from regular tap water.

NORDIC Glacial Water COOLS YOUR BODY 6X time faster.

In regions with very high daily temperatures NORDIC Glacial Waterworks like "air conditioning". NORDIC Glacial Water is quickly absorbed by the body letting you better endure high daytime temperatures. By drinking NORDIC Glacial Water your body cells remain adequately supplied with water faster and easier.

NORDIC GLACIAL WATER special benefits:

Extreme sports exertion leads to the production of lactic acid in your muscles which creates them ache and be sore. This is something everyone has experienced before.
With Nordic Glacial Water you don’t get that achy feeling! NORDIC Glacial Water quickly goes into your bloodstream and cleans this lactic acid from your muscles decreasing the time of soreness and that achy feeling.

Atopic dermatitis, also known as eczema, is a skin problem that causes dry, itchy, scaly, red skin. It can occur in infants, children, and adults and is caused mostly by a food allergy.

We all hear that Atopic dermatitis can be treated with moisturizers and prescription ointments. Doctors often prescribe corticosteroid which has negative side effects to other parts of your body.

Doctors say: Eczema is not curable, although symptoms can be controlled with a variety of self-care measures, drug therapy, and by keeping the skin hydrated.

By only drinking NORDIC Glacial Water, which helps hydrate and moisturizes your skin, can help alleviate and cure atopic dermatitis within 4-6 weeks. In this time the child or adult should not drink sweet beverages like sodas and high sugar drinks, only NORDIC Glacial Water.

Bottled water

Some bottled drinking is unhealthy because of its high acidity, oxidizing effects, high mineralization. The slightest change in the acid/alkaline scale can have disastrous results on your body. By drinking NORDIC Glacial Water with a pH level of 8.8 you can help your body maintain a healthy pH level by reducing acidity in your body and restoring its natural balance.

Bag-In-Box Benefits

  • No risk of contamination by chemical additives in plastic because NORDIC Glacial Water uses an additive-free inner bag with an additional oxygen barrier.
  • The production of the inner bag is under clean room conditions according to medical standards during production and the process of filling the bag with NORDIC Glacial Water.
  • Quality is monitored and insured by the independent Institute of Prof. Hoell, Bad Elster - Germany
  • NORDIC Glacial Water uses environmentally friendly packaging by using a separate disposal of the carton and bag.
  • NORDIC Glacial Water has a smaller environmental footprint compared to bottled water.
  • Once Opened Nordic Glacial Water’s Bag in Box has a shelf life of one month.
  • The NORDIC Glacial Water Box is easy to use, especially by children.