Can we feel a taste difference between NORDIC glacial water and other drinking waters?

Yes. If you do not believe this, you can do the test yourself. Take two glasses. Pour NORDIC water into one of them and any other water into the second one. You will find out yourself that the glacier water NORDIC will not rub your throat. Moreover, your body will get used to this water so much that you will not like the taste of any other water anymore.

Do NORDIC products contain pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers or other chemicals?

NO. They do not contain any of the above.

Does the glacier water NORDIC contain gluten, glutamate, colorants, aromas or sweeteners, preservatives, sugar, starch?

NO. It does not contain any of the above.

How long has the water NORDIC been on the market?

NORDIC glacier water has been on the market since 2014.

Is NORDIC glacier water better than tap water and water from public sources?

Tap water has several negative traits. Companies that process tap water usually add chlorine or chloramine for the purpose of self-purification of water. Chlorine and chloramine destroy microorganisms that can seriously harm our body. Chlorine, however, remains in the water and this leads to its consumption. Another component of tap water is fluorine, which affects the activity of the brain and can cause cancer. Additionally, 30% of the water from public sources does not meet the standards.

Is NORDIC water treated in some way, for example chemically?

No, the water is exactly in the same state, in which it was in the original source. It is only treated by violet radiation, which destroys bacteria and viruses.

Is there a fourth state of water?

Yes there is! It is not marked H2O, but H3O2 and it is called EZ Water (EZ = exclusion zone). EZ water is actually a living water, or simply put, it has a negative electrical charge, through which you can store energy, like batteries, and then to release this energy again. It was discovered by a scientific team of Dr. Gerald Pollack at the Washington University. They found out that the water in the fourth state also occurs in the body - in our cells, interstitial tissue.

What can high-quality water achieve in our body?

High-quality water with high pH and low mineralization such as NORDIC glacier water can purify the human body from sediments that are caused by long-term bad alimentation and drinking habits, especially when drinking water with high mineralization. NORDIC helps from many diseases and pains, e.g. from gallstones, sludge deposited in the joints, it flushes lactic acid out of the muscles, due to which muscles do not ache after exercise, it moisturizes the skin and it can relieve symptoms or cure eczema! The body of a 50-year old person, who consumes average food, includes 2-3 kg of sediments, which high-quality water such as NORDIC can dissolve and remove from the body. It purifies organs including liver and kidney from various infections and gallstones, and from sludge deposited in the joints. It flushes lactic acid out of the muscles, so that the muscles do not ache after physical exertion. It moisturizes skin and it can relieve symptoms or cure eczema!

What does that mean?

"Melted glaciers are a perfect way to obtain EZ water. A lot of people know that this water is really excellent for health." Dr. Pollack "Glacial Water NORDIC is the fourth state!" Thus, we correct the final article in this link titled - Natural Resources of Health "superwater", picnics and sunshine - in the sense that glacier water is available for an ordinary person directly at the E-Store on the website of NORDIC. http://protiproud.parlamentnilisty.cz/zdravi/620-zahadna-supervoda-h3o2-co-nam-vedci-dosud-nerekli-o-ctvrtem-skupenstvi-vody-prinasime-prelomovou-informaci-zasadni-pro-nase-zdravi.htm

What does the pH value really mean?

PH value indicates acidity and alkalinity. It has a value from 0 to 14. O-7 is acidic, 7-14 is alkaline. PH value in the human body is around 7.20-7.40. If this value decreases, you may experience health problems - fatigue, irritability, civilization diseases.

What is the normal pH of drinking water?

PH of drinking water is around 6 or max 6.9. Sweetened drinks have pH around 3. Highly carbonated drinks, which are brown, yellow or of some other color can even have pH 2.3. NORDIC Glacial Water has the pH of 8.80.

What is the origin of the fourth state of water, i.e. EZ water?

It is formed on any hydrolipic or hydrophilic surface, under the presence of infrared light, which deposits one layer of EZ water on another, and thus millions of molecular layers are formed. This process occurs in nature. E.g.: ice does not arise out of the ordinary H20. First,EZ water is formed and the ice arises from it. When ice melts, EZ water is formed and only then plain water. EZ water is a kind of a transition phase.

What is the recommended daily intake of liquids?

The recommended daily intake of liquids is about 2 to 3 litres, or even 3 to 4 litres. The recommended daily intake of glacial water is 1.5 litres to 2. Glacial water is absorbed 6x faster.

What is the shelf life of NORDIC glacier water?

One month since opening.

Where and how can I buy NORDIC glacier water?

The easiest way is to visit our E-Store, which takes you step by step toward a successful purchase. More information can be found by clicking on the box "Shipping and Delivery". Do not hesitate to visit our website www.nordic-glacial-water.com/estore and buy NORDIC glacier water today.

Where is the source of NORDIC glacial water?

NORDIC glacier water comes from the Icelandic glaciers, which have been frozen for more than 1,000 years - i.e. since the time when the Earth was not yet polluted by man. This source of water from the protected natural area has exceptionally low levels of harmful minerals, only 55 mg/l, very high oxygen content of 9.4 mg/l and an amazing value of pH: 8.8.

Why should I drink water with a low mineral content?

Our body needs certain minerals, but not those that are contained in water. These minerals are in an inorganic state and our body cannot handle them, i.e. they are deposited in the body and they cause us various health problems. We should receive minerals mainly from food!



Can I also use NORDIC glacier water for cooking?

Yes of course. The water is very suitable for the preparation of food for infants. NORDIC glacier water has no pollution and has a very low mineral content, which ensures that the dishes are tastier.

Is glacier water suitable for pregnant or breastfeeding women?

Definitely yes, because it does not contain chlorine, fluorine and other harmful substances such as tap water. It is easy on the body and easily absorbed. As already noted, it has a very low content of minerals that are unsuitable for feeding infants.

Thus, the glacier water can also be consumed by infants and newborns?

Yes, of course! Food preparation for infants with other than glacier water is inappropriate because the dishes are prepared from demineralized whey powder.

Shipping and Cancellations

Shipping and Cancellations

Can I change the delivery address for goods, which were already ordered?

Track & Trace enables a change of the mailing address.

How can I pay for my order?

Payment options can be found in the E-Store.

How much does the delivery of goods cost?

Shipping of one package costs 90, - CZK incl. VAT

I have just ordered goods, can I cancel the order?

If you want to cancel your order, please contact us within 12 hours after the order confirmation to the email storno.cz@nordic-glacial-water.com.

What are the fees for cancelled orders?

There are no fees for cancellations within 12h after sending your order.

What should I do if I do not receive the goods within 48h since the order confirmation?

Immediately after receiving the payment, we will send you an email with your order number and tracking number of your package (Track and Trace), which allows you to follow your shipment from submission to delivery.

Who will deliver my ordered goods?

Czech Post



Can pets also drink NORDIC glacier water?

Yes. Of course. With the same effect as in humans.

Does NORDIC glacier promote social events, artists, athletes, etc.?

NORDIC glacier water has benefits that are more than suitable for regular use for athletes, athletes on both the professional or recreational level. We are very happy that we can be sponsors of several athletes in boxing, MMA, K1, for example the MMA fighter Patrick Kincl. If you would like to include NORDIC glacial water in your social events or sporting events, please contact us at the email: info@nordic-glacial-water.com

How long does it take for glacier water to be absorbed?

Glacial water is absorbed in 5-6 minutes. This process takes 20-30 minutes for normal water.

I do a lot of sports, can I drink this water?

Yes, the glacier water flushes lactic acid out of the muscles, thus minimizing muscle pain after exercise.