We Love Sport

Extreme sports exertion leads to the production of lactic acid in your muscles which creates them ache and be sore. This is something everyone has experienced before. With NORDIC Glacial Water you don’t get that achy feeling! NORDIC quickly goes to your bloodstream and cleans this lactic acid from your muscles decreasing the time of soreness and that achy feeling.

NORDIC Glacial Water NORDIC Glacial Water has high minus ORP / -mV  (Oxidation Reduction Potential. With NORDIC your cells don't have to use energy to clean the water in your system and can use the energy for the bloodstream very quickly in 5-6 minutes instead of 30-40 min with other waters. When using NORDIC you can drink less water and get more hydration than from regular tap water or other bottled waters.

What a big difference if you use tap water which contains everything, including the famous Antibiotics, Contraceptives, and Arsenin that often find its way into tap and bottled water. This tap water is recycled and using it may be harmful to your health.

NORDIC comes from the frozen glaciers of Iceland, nature’s best source of natural water. This source of water, frozen for thousands of years, is unusually low in harmful minerals at just 55 mg/l and has very high natural oxygen content 9,4 mg/l and an amazing ph Level of 8,8.

In regions with very high daily temperatures NORDIC works like “air conditioning”. NORDIC is quickly absorbed by the body letting you better endure high daytime temperatures. By drinking NORDIC Water your body cells remain adequately supplied with water faster and easier.

Energizes and revitalizes the body thanks to high level of oxygen

It regulates the level of blood sugar and positively affects the liver

Reducing of the sodium intake supports the maintenance of a normal blood pressure.

It neutralizes acid waste products accumulated in the body

It is a powerful antioxidant, like vitamins A, E, C, and selenium – without the side effects